June 2021 - The race to zero - Systematic Fund Manager's Comments

RAM Active Investments joins the Net Zero Asset Managers imitative alongside 40 new signatories!

Trough in-depth monitoring of CO2 emissions of companies we invest in, and limiting investments in fossil fuel, we aim to have a positive impact on the climate. Although we manage different type of products in terms of ESG integration according to the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, we thrive to reduce Carbon Emissions of our investment portfolios. Since 2019 we reduce our overall carbon footprint (scope 1 and 2) by more than half and we expect to reduce rapidly our impact further within the RAM Systematic equity range as well as within our fixed income portfolios.


Source: RAM AI as of 31.12.2020, MSCI ESG (RAM Systematic Equity portfolios carbon intensity)

While many managers opt for a unidimensional approach to climate change within portfolios by reducing the weight of the worst polluters, RAM AI’s sustainable alpha approach aims to leverage a myriad of ESG and non-ESG data sources to identify the most attractive sustainable return opportunities in each industry. Our research effort is based on hypothesis testing; understanding how the ESG profile of a given company impacts, not only future stock performance, but also current/future fundamentals and ultimately financial returns.

In 2020, RAM AI has launched the RAM (Lux) Stable Climate Global Equities Fund, leveraging on ESG data to participate to the climate transition. As the Climate Change emergency continues to grow RAM AI believes its role as an asset manager is to provide investors with a differentiated solution to low-carbon investing and is therefore definitely committed to the Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative,

Andrew Fraser, RAM Active Investments CEO, said: “Generation after generation has left it to the next to deal with the accumulation of environmental damage, if this is to change, we must also change. At RAM AI we believe we can use systematicactive investment to create sustainable impact. The financial sector can, and must play a pivotal role in delivering climate change. We are proud to join the initiative, and are determined to continue the path already taken in decarbonizing more of our portfolios, leveraging on RAM AI research and technology to reach the net zero objective without compromising on investor returns.”

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