15 March 2018

RAM’s Long/Short Global Equities Strategy passes its first anniversary with US $370* mn of AUM


Industry Recognition


Our beta-neutral approach has recently been recognized by our peers and the industry alike, scooping 6 awards in the Equity Market Neutral (Quantitative) Category at this year’s UCITS Hedge Awards  [1].


Best Performing Fund in 2017
Best Performing Fund over a 3 Year Period
Best Performing Fund over a 4 Year Period
Best Performing Fund over a 5 Year Period


Best Performing Fund in 2017
Best Performing Fund over a 5 Year Period

RAM’s Beta-Neutral Heritage

RAM have been successfully managing beta-neutral equity funds since 2009. We began, by adapting our European Equities Fund to capturing opportunities across both the long and the short side, hedging our market exposure. In 2011 we decided to adapt our Long/Short European Equities investment strategy into a transparent and liquid UCITS structure under the new name of the RAM Long/Short European Equities Fund. In the same year we also launched our Emerging Markets Equities offering. Finally, in 2016 we leveraged on this investment engine to create our Long/Short Global Equities strategy. The strategy follows the same investment philosophy, applied to the global developed equity universe.

A Global Approach to Beta-Neutral Investing

The RAM Long/Short Global Equities strategy systematically applies fundamental stock picking techniques to a universe of c.6,000 developed global equities. On the long side stocks are screened against three strategies; Value, Defensive, and Momentum, with the Fund maintaining allocations to each. On the short side there are two strategies designed to identify stocks that have poor fundamentals, destroy cash flow and are highly leveraged. Once the long and short portfolios have been constructed, any remaining exposure to market beta is removed using index futures. With both the long and short books designed to be alpha generative and focussing on different factors, the resulting portfolio can have sector and country tilts which are constrained within defined limits. The result is a beta neutral portfolio capable of delivering sustainable and robust annualised returns, while exhibiting low correlation and market beta.

A Summary of the Strategy

  • A systematic equity beta-neutral strategy targeting +8% annualized returns
  • Both the long and short books are designed to be alpha generative, with the systematic stock picking engines identifying and exploiting fundamental stock characteristics
  • A short index book is also used to neutralise the overall beta of the portfolio
  • The investment philosophy which underpins our funds, launched in 2009, has generated attractive annualised returns with no correlation or beta to underlying equities.


Growth of our Beta-Neutral Offering

We have been successfully managing systematic beta-neutral strategies since 2009. Across this asset class we now manage in excess of US $1.45bn [2].



 *As at 28.02.2018. Source: RAM Active Investments


*As of 12 March 2018

[1]. The UCITS Hedge Awards are sponsored by the Hedgefund Journal and are given to companies that stand apart for the excellent services they offer the hedge fund industry. Visit

[2].  As of 28.02.2018.


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